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First Aid Training Courses

Automatic External Defibrillator - AED

Early defibrillation is critical in the first aid environment. A casualty who receives a shock to the myocardium of the heart has a better chance of survival. This course will provide the student on how to use this vital piece of equipment in a safe and effective way.

Emergency First Aid at Work Course

This course is ideal for persons who wish to become an emergency first aider in a low risk work environment.

This course is in accordance with the health and Safety regulations 1981-82

First Aid at Work Course -Level 3

The level 3 First aid at work is designed for staff who would like to be a first aider in the workplace. This course is in accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations 1981 and 1982 and provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with an emergency in the workplace.

First Aid Refresher Training

This FAR Level 3 course is only appropriate for students / Learners who have already completed the first aid at work course and have appropriate certification within the allocated time frame of their certification expiry date.

Paediatric First Aid Training

This valuable course is designed for staff who care for children in locations such as nannies, nursery staff, child care, and parents. This will allow staff to deal with a paediatric emergency either in the work or home environment.

First Aid for Schools

This one day course will provide teaching and school ancillary staff a great knowledge of how to deal with first aid. We are able to provide this course when the school is on a holiday period or teachers’ training day.

EpiPen Training Course (Anaphylaxis)

This course gives information and training on how to recognise and treat this manageable medical emergency. 

Oxygen Therapy Training Course

Students/Learners wishing to obtain this short but valuable course must hold a valid first aid at work level 3 certification.

Basic Life Support Course

The Basic life support is to enable students/Learners to deal with a casualty who is unresponsive but breathing.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional  Approach to First Aid Training

Providing a new and professional outlook into the first aid sector and helping students to achieve a high standard of first aid for the pre hospital care environment. Through my professionalism and knowledge I will assist students to achieve their ultimate goal and increase their knowledge base to help the injured and most importantly the vulnerable members of the public, private and care sector. Students who show the willingness to learn and engage on the course will have a better understanding of how delicate the human body actually is and achieve more than they ever imagined.

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