Paediatric First Aid

Course Overview

This valuable course is designed for staff who care for children in locations such as nannies, nursery staff, child care, parents, This will allow staff to deal with a paediatric emergency either in the work or home environment.

This course will provide you with the confidence in how to deal with sick or injured children, infants, babies

Course content

Paediatric First Aid

– Scene Survey
– Primary survey
– Hazards in the work or home location
– Paediatric Assessment Triangle (PAT)
– Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Infant and child)
– Wounds and bleeding
– Medical Emergencies
– Trauma Emergencies
– Nose bleeds
– Recognition of meningitis
– Febrile Convulsions
– Poor perfusion (Shock)
– Unresponsive child
– Airway Compromise
– Ingestion of poisons
– EpiPen
– Burn trauma
– Head Injuries
– Fractures
– Choking
– Croup
– Asthma

Course duration
12 Hours (2 day course 09:00 – 15:00 hrs)

Upon successful completion of the assessment centre students will receive certification in Paediatric First Aid valid for 3 years

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