Puncture Wound Injuries

A puncture wound occurs when a pointed object (such as a nail) pushes into the skin. It may go into the tissues below the skin of the foot, including fat and muscle. This type of wound is narrow and deep. They can be hard to clean. Puncture wounds are at high risk for becoming infected. One type of serious infection is more likely if you were wearing a rubber-soled shoe at the time of injury. Bacteria from the sole of the shoe may be dragged into the wound. Symptoms of infection may appear as late as 2 to 3 weeks after the injury. Be sure to watch for symptoms of infection and call your healthcare provider right away if any them appear.

X-rays may be done to see whether any objects remain under the skin. Your may also need a tetanus shot. This is given if you are not up-to-date on this vaccination and the object that caused the wound may lead to tetanus.

Puncture wounds can easily become infected. 

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